Weevil World - Weekly Rainbow Roundup!

  • By Gem
  • Posted 11-11-17

Hi Weevils!

Welcome to our very first Rainbow Roundup for November!

First up, I'm thrilled to announce the week one winners of our November Best Dressed Rainbow Style Special competition! Congratulations to...

Be sure to congratulate our  winners if you spot them running around Weevil World in their exclusive Rainbow Hoodie!

There are still 3 weeks to win, so head over to the Clothes shop and find your rainbow style now!

Items from the special Rainbow Bathroom Item collection will be on sale every time there's a rainbow in the skies of Weevil World!

Keep checking the brand new Weather Forecast Balloon on Main Street to find out when the next rainbow will appear!

We're releasing a new piece of this exclusive Rainbow Poster every week in November!

The first piece was on sale last week and the second piece is on sale right now!

Purchase all four pieces to add a stunning rainbow display to your nest wall!


Click here to find out what else is happening this month on Weevil World and Bin Weevils!

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