Weevil World Update - Membership & More!

  • By Gem
  • Posted 14-03-18

Two Games - One Membership!

With a single membership purchased on Bin Weevils or Weevil World, members can...

  • Access all Bin Tycoon membership features on Bin Weevils!
  • Access all Weevil World membership features on Weevil World!

More Dosh to Spend!

In addition to earning 5 Dosh every day during their membership*, new and existing members can also collect a one-time welcome bonus of 500 Dosh from an in-game cash machines.

*Existing Bin Tycoons will now earn 5 Dosh per day instead of a single monthly Dosh salary payment!

More to Come!

We have lots of plans coming up and we can't wait to share more information with everyone soon!

With so many recent updates and more still to come, there's never been a better time to start playing Bin Weevils and Weevil World!

Play now on desktop web browsers worldwide or via the Weevil World app for Apple and Android smart devices in the UK!

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