Weevil World - Now Available!

  • By Scribbles
  • Posted 08-06-17

Fantastic news, Weevils!

Following the great feedback received from Bin Tycoons during our recent beta, Weevil World is now available for everyone!

Weevil World has been designed so you can play how you like - whether you want to play on a computer web browser or using a compatible smart device, we've got you covered!

How to Play

For computer web browser users, just click Weevil World from the Binscape map on Bin Weevils, or log directly into Weevil World at www.WeevilWorld.com.

Smart device users in the UK can download the official Weevil World app on the App Store or Google Play!

Both games use the same login, allowing players to explore two amazing worlds with the same Weevil!

The Next Steps

We'll be introducing all sorts of exciting new Weevil World features in the coming weeks, be sure to check back on Weevil News for the latest Weevil World news and updates!

Until then... we hope to see you on the island!

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