Weevil World - BIG New Update!

  • By Gem
  • Posted 07-06-19

Hi Weevils!

Weevil World now has a fresh new look and feel!

The world has undergone a huge transformation and new platforms, bounce pads and blue swing spots can be found everywhere! How high can you climb?

Use your improved mobility to run, jump and swing your way to discovering the many secrets of this brand new update!

What's NEW?

  • Smoother Moves - your Weevil is now more mobile than ever!
  • Blue Swing Spots - Hold down on these when jumping past to latch on and swing!
  • Bubble Bonuses - collect coins, gems and XP stars!
  • Bubble Wheel - tap the wheel every 8 hours to fill the world with collectible bubbles containing currency and XP! Watch an ad to release more bubbles!
  • Nest XP - when you enter your nest, ratings you've received will fill your nest with Nest XP bubbles. Nest XP increases your ranking!
  • Nest Ranking - tap the nest icon inside your nest to see how your nest ranks up! 


  • Coins and Gems - the new currency, replacing Mulch and Dosh!
  • Levels - many activities earn purple XP stars to help you level up!
  • Emotes - now accessed by tapping your Weevil
  • Easier Decorating - just tap and drag an item to move it around without opening the chest!
  • Clothing Store - it's now even easier to shop for and try on new clothing!
  • Cinema - head over to the cinema to collect bonus rewards!


  • More Items in Shops & Regular Stock Changes!
  • More Challenges!

What's happening with BIN WEEVILS?

Don't worry, the Bin Weevils you know and love is here to stay!


Stay tuned to Weevil News for the latest Weevil World news, information and sneak peeks!

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