Weevil of the Week - Sweets66

  • By Scribbles
  • Posted 01-12-17

Hey Weevils!

It's time to wish a giant Weevily congratulations to a brand new Weevil of the Week!

Congratulations to... Sweets66!

As you can see from their profile image above, Sweets66's favourite place in the Binscape is Tink's Tree and their favourite Bin Weevils character is... The Garden Inspector! Fantastic choice!

Sweets66 is a level 44 and has a Bin Weevils Nest Coolness of DIAMOND DECOR and their favourite things to do are reading magazines, playing games and training their Bin Pet! They're also a big fan of plenty of plenty of tasty snacks! Yum!

Sweets66 said, "I deserve to have a chance of being Weevil Of The Week because I have been playing since 2012! WOW, a full 5 and a half years and let me tell you those 5 years have been the BEST! Way back in the day I remember I won a Bin Weevils video game from a competition and it came straight throw the post! I was so delighted, it was so fun and addicting. I love playing games inside of Tink's Tree with my awesome Bin buddies, eating yummy lunch at Figgs Cafe and especially planting seeds to create beautiful plants in my garden. My favourite Bin Weevil Character is The Graden Inspector. This is because she is so pretty, like come on the hats she wears are beautiful!! She reminds me of a princess, and she picks awesome gardens for Garden Of The Week!! At my home, I have a plushy of her because I love her so much! I hope I get chosen!

Well done Sweets66!

I think you're going to be an amazing Weevil of the Week!

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