Weevil of the Week - sillybillychilly

  • By Scribbles
  • Posted 08-09-17

Hey Weevils!

It's time to wish a giant Weevily congratulations to a brand new Weevil of the Week!

Congratulations to... sillybillychilly!

As you can see from their profile image above, sillybillychilly's favourite place in the Binscape is Nest street and their favourite Bin Weevils character is... ME, Scribbles! Great choice!

sillybillychilly is a level 15 Bin Weevil! They have a Bin Weevils Nest Coolness of Getting Glitzy and their favourite thing to do is playing games! They're also a big fan of eclair-de-bin, bin-scone and dirt-doughnut snacks! Yummy!

sillybillychilly said, "I think I should be Weevil of the Week because I LOVE Bin Weevils and Weevil World. I don't answer any personal questions such as age, REAL name, Home LOCATION, ADDRESS, POSTCODE, TELEPHONE number and PASSWORD. I play Bin Weevils nearly every day, so if you're online and you see me... come and say hello. I don't accept ANY random friend requests but if you want I'll come and see your nest :). My favourite place in the Binscape is Nest Street because there are a lot of games. I have made many accounts and I have been playing Bin Weevils since 2012! This account is new that is why I'm on level 15 LOL! I want to become a Bin Tycoon soon as you can enjoy loads more fun activities and your nest is bigger!"

Well done sillybillychilly, you know all the rules and I think you're going to be an amazing Weevil of the Week winner! Have fun!

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