Weevil of the Week - aimee3828!

  • By Scribbles
  • Posted 06-10-17

Hey Weevils!

It's time to wish a giant Weevily congratulations to a brand new Weevil of the Week!

Congratulations to... aimee3828!

As you can see from their profile image above, aimee3828's favourite place in the Binscape is Rum's Airport and their favourite Bin Weevils character is... Posh! Fab choice!

aimee3828 is a level 56 Bin Tycoon! They have a Bin Weevils Nest Coolness of SUPERSTAR and their favourite things to do are playing games, taking care of their Bin Pet and shopping! They're also a big fan of Tum's-jelly, yum!

aimee3828 said, "I would love to become WOTW as I've been a Bin Weevils member since 2012! From the day I found this game I have not been able to forget about it. I've taken a few breaks from the game but I find myself coming back every time! For about a year now I've been trying to become WOTW and have not succeeded but I will keep trying! I love you Bin Weevils and thank you for being apart of my childhood, you have never disappointed me and I know you never will. Please pick me, I would really love to experience being a Big Weevil for a week because in real life I am really small."

Well done aimee3828, you sound like a very worthy winner and I think you're going to be an amazing Weevil of the Week! Have fun!

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