Weevil of the Week - 93reddisco!

  • By Scribbles
  • Posted 24-11-17

Hey Weevils!

It's time to wish a giant Weevily congratulations to a brand new Weevil of the Week!

Congratulations to... 93reddisco!

As you can see from their profile image above, 93reddisco's favourite place in the Binscape is their Nest and their favourite Bin Weevils character is... Dott! Fantastic choice!

93reddisco is a level 55 Bin Tycoon! They have a Bin Weevils Nest Coolness of CELEBRITY and their favourite things to do are reading magazines, earning Mulch, tackling SWS missions, training their Bin Pet and exploring the Binscape! They're also a big fan of plenty of plenty of tasty snacks! Yum!

93reddisco said, "I love Bin Weevils so much! It's just so awesome! I would absolutely love to be Weevil of the Week as I have been trying for ages now! I met a Weevil of the Week winner a few weeks ago and they told me how amazing it was! I would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to be a big weevil! It looks so amazing! And that lovely trophy would look perfect in my nest! Now that's all I have to say! I really hope I become Weevil of the Week!

Well done 93reddisco!

I think you're going to be an amazing Weevil of the Week winner on both Bin Weevils and Weevil World!

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