The Weevil World Early Access Beta is out now!

  • By Maybee
  • Posted 23-05-17

The latest adventure has arrived in the land of Bin Weevils...

The Weevil World Early Access Beta is now available for Bin Tycoon members to play!

Weevil World is a brand new online Weevil experience, and by accessing the beta, you will be able to explore a whole new Weevil World.

The Weevil World Early Access Beta is designed to give Bin Tycoon members a preview of a brand new Bin Weevils expansion that will soon be available to all Bin Weevils players.

Bin Tycoon members will use their existing Bin Tycoon membership account to log into Weevil World. New gameplay features may be added (and removed) during the beta at the discretion of our development team - so enjoy all the various changes the beta will have to offer.

Bin Tycoons can use the currency they have available on Bin Weevils (Mulch and Dosh) to make purchases in Weevil World. It is not possible to earn currency in Weevil World during the beta, but whatever you earn on Bin Weevils can be used in Weevil World! Any virtual goods purchased during the beta WILL remain available on the account when the game becomes available to all players - so there's no excuse to not start buying and decorating!

Everyone who accesses Weevil World during the Bin Tycoon Early Access Beta will also have the opportunity to report bugs or offer feedback to help improve the game. Your feedback is invaluable to our team! You can leave feedback for Weevil World BY CLICKING HERE and selecting Weevil World BETA feedback!

As with all game betas, we cannot guarantee Weevil World and all advertised gameplay features will be available at all times during the testing period. There may be times we are required to take Weevil World offline in order to introduce bug fixes or new features that are ready for testing. Progress may be reset without warning during the testing period.

We're happy to let you know that the full release of Weevil World will also have the following features (please note that some will be coming sooner than others):

Clothes - Buddy Lists - The ability to open your nest to buddies only - Cinema - Gifting items to friends - Games - More areas to explore - More special moves - Chat log

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