Team Fire and Ice Weekly SWS Missions!

  • By Gam
  • Posted 21-01-17


Gam here, the leader of the SWS - that's the Secret Weevil Service for those who don't know!

As announced in our recent January Highlights post, Octeelia and her W.E.B. (Weevil Extermination Bureau) Thuggs have launched the biggest attack the Binscape has ever seen!

To send the W.E.B. packing, I'm asking members of Team Fire and Team Ice to set aside their differences and TEAM UP on Weekly SWS Missions, accessible from your Nest Hall SWS Portal or  SWS Headquarters inside Castle Gam!

If you haven't joined a Seasonal Showdown Team yet, click here to do so!

All joined up? Okay, here's the plan...

Our special Weekly SWS Missions will take place every Tuesday for the next three weeks.

Look out for me and some of my best Celeb Field Agents during each mission - we'll be there to offer top secret tips and tactical support for all participants!

Agents may also wish to change their look at the Bin Weevil Changer in support of their team, as we'll be sharing some special Secret Codes with any fiery or icy Weevils we spot!

All Bin Weevils can select a Seasonal Showdown Team, join the SWS and play through the Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet mission once. However, Bin Tycoon members can accept all SWS missions and even restart any they've completed to take part in all Weekly Missions this month!

Find out more about Bin Tycoon membership by clicking the button below!

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