Stephanie’s latest blog:  Daisy’s Birthday Party!

  • By Stephanie_LEGO
  • Posted 10-06-16

Hi Weevils! I’ve been DYING to tell you all about the adorable garden party Andrea threw yesterday for her pet bunny Daisy. 

This was THE event for pets all over Heartlake City! It was really important that we made sure Daisy had a star quality party! I was in charge of picking everyone up on the Party Train to take them there, so of course I had a strict itinerary. 

Firstly, Emma got started on glamming up all the party guests - you can’t put a time limit on her creativity! She took all the pets to the Heartlake City styling shop and groomed them all to perfection! She even knitted each pet special matching bows to wear, just for the occasion.  

Next up, we needed a beautiful birthday cake for Daisy. Normally I’m the star baker of the group, but I had SO many things to do that I left my special cake recipe with Mia. Thank goodness I wasn’t there to witness - apparently Toffee (her pet pug) kept trying to eat the cake and Mia got icing everywhere! At least they got the cake to the party in one piece… even via skateboard! 

Of course, no party at Andrea’s would be complete without a showering of presents! I knew that if I gave Olivia a list of present ideas, she would make sure to get everything just as I described, so she set off with the baby bunnies (and her pet robot Zobo to record her ideas) and filled a huge gift box with treats for Daisy. 

Finally it was time to set off for the party! I loaded up my bike with balloons and enough party hats for everyone. Then Heidi and Harry, my pet hamsters and I stepped aboard my Party Train for the fun to begin! 

All the organization was totally worth it! Andrea’s garden looked stunning and all the guests were treated to a special musical performance from Andrea and her pet bird, Violet - they can both REALLY sing. After giving Daisy her cake and tucking into the enormous carrot cake Mia had made, we were all too full to move  - but the pets carried on playing into the night. I can’t wait til the next pet party! 

Stephanie x 
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