Safe Virtual Fireworks - On Sale Now!

  • By Garden Inspector
  • Posted 02-11-18

Hi Bin Weevils! The 5th November and Bonfire night are almost upon us... and I've got a special treat for all of you!

A selection of safe, VIRTUAL FIREWORKS are now available in the Garden Shop!

You can use these items to create your very own safe, virtual firework displays - how cool is that?

* Fireworks are not toys – never play with them!

* Make sure your parent or guardian reads all the instructions before starting

* Stand far back from any lit fireworks

* Have just one parent or guardian be responsible for lighting each firework

* If a lit firework doesn’t go off, do not go back near it

* Keep a bucket of water nearby in case of accidents or fire

* Never light a firework near petrol or any other flammable liquids

* Keep pets safe and indoors during a firework display

* When using sparklers, hold them away from your face & clothing

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