Littlest Pet Shop Guest Bloggers - joseph4010 & lucmeg33!

  • By Scribbles
  • Posted 17-07-15

Congratulations to joseph4010 & lucmeg33, our latest Littlest Pet Shop Guest Blogger Reviewers!

You can find their full reviews of the first episode below!


I loved the first episode of Littlest Pet Shop because the animation was fantastic! I also like the intro song which was like "The wheels on the bus go round and round..." I also liked the song at the end and the bit with the UFO!

I can't wait for the second episode - thanks for reading!


I really liked this episode as it was so funny and entertaining! I wish there was a new episode every day!

I really don't have much to say so you could call me speechless. The first episode was mind blowing!


Thanks for your brilliant reviews! We're thrilled you both enjoyed the first Littlest Pet Shop episode and we'll have the next episode available for everyone to watch soon!


Please send your episode reviews to ‘[email protected]’ and be sure to include your Bin Weevils username!

We also ask that you keep your reviews under 300 words - this will allow us to post several reviews at once and of course award more Scribbles trophies than ever before!


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