Guest Blogger Storytellers: tlisa36 & Amy372!

  • By Scribbles
  • Posted 24-05-15

We are still receiving lots of  BIN-TASTIC Guest Blogger entries! Here are 2 more stories for you all to enjoy!

The Mystery Chest

One stormy day Castle Gam was about to be attacked! Octeelia had sent one of her Thuggs to attack Castle Gam and grab Gam’s Mysterious Chest. Octeelia had also told the Thugg to try and destroy the SWS but he had forgotten by the time he had got there due to the excitement of finding out what was going to be in the Chest.

Little did the Thugg know the SWS were all having a meeting. The Thugg was being very loud (especially because he's clumsy). Clott heard the Thugg and went to capture him. Gam then quickly called all of the SWS to help capture the Thugg.

Later on that day Octelia had found out what had happened and sent a message to the SWS saying “I'm not finished with you yet mwahahahaaha!!”. This message left the whole SWS team alert for what Octelia had planned next!

The Captured Chest

One dark, gloomy night a Thugg was creeping into the Castle Gam. All around him the trees swayed from side to side and the wind howled ferociously in the distance. The Thugg quietly entered Castle Gam, carefully went past the dangerous dungeons and he cautiously turned the handle of the big wooden door as it creaked open.

After that, the Thugg entered the vast beautiful room, the Thugg’s eyes were fixed on Gam’s mysterious chest as it shimmered in front of him with a golden glow on top of it. Then in an evil way the Thugg chuckled as he snatched Gam’s precious, mysterious chest. A split second later he sprinted all the way outside Castle Gam and far far away into the distance.


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