Guest Blogger Storytellers - Alfie8272 & olivia4118!

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  • Posted 18-05-15

We are still receiving tons of  BIN-TASTIC Guest Blogger entries! Keep sending them in, and here are 2 more stories for you all to enjoy!


The Chest

One cloudy day at Gams castle led to the supposed disappearance of Gam. Word soon spread like a fire to a tree that he was missing and was quickly picked up by the W.E.B. All the Thuggs were on high alert to stop any intruder entering their headquarters and taking Octeelia. But when word reached her to she sent out one of her most menacing Thuggs ever. The plan was to raid Gams castle and take it over as a new head quarter for themselves.

The Thugg was helicoptered in through the roof and into the dragon’s chamber. The Thugg’s first challenge was to escape the room with his life as standing in front of him was the vast dragon. He jumped on its back and made for the door. He only narrowly avoided being burnt to a crisp.

His next challenge was to cross the green lake without being spotted by Gam’s knights. He passed by with ease. The next room was bare except for one chest. He tiptoed towards it and opened it to see what was inside. Inside was the unmistakable figure of Gam sitting inside. He jumped out and started to chase the Thugg round the room. The Thugg made it to the roof but left his hat. When word got round again that Gam was back every one in the Binscape was happy and were all invited to a party at Gam's castle to celebrate.

The end.


The W.E.B Never Wins!

"Calling all SWS agents, Castle Gam is under great threat. Octeelia is known to be involved. Will you save us?" All agents were gathered around the ancient, cracked castle straight away. Gam walked out with his walking stick.

"As you know, Octeelia and her army are planning an attack on my dear, old castle. We need to find out more about the attack, soon. Before its all over. Have you got a-"

Just then, Gam was interrupted by a loud laugh.


"Yeah enough of your we will wins." Gam said. The crowd all went silent as Octeelia and an army of Thuggs walked out and surrounded the SWS.

"What is this attack about-" Asked Gam.
"SHUDDUP YOU OLD-" Replied Octeelia, rudely.

"I beg your pardon incy wincy spider but WHY IN THE BINSCAPE ARE YOU HERE?" Octeelia stepped forward and an evil grin swepped across her face.

"Oh Gam, that would just be telling!" She said in an intimidating voice. Weevil X led the evil WEB agents away, but one Thugg stayed at Castle Gam.

"I'll tell you why, they want your…" He pointed to Gam. "Mysterious Chest."
And with that the Thugg ran off. SWS agents scurried around Castle Gam that day. Suddenly, there was a shout. A weevil had said that the chest had been found.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Screamed Octeelia!
From then on, all weevils had an epic Super Antenna, and as they walked, the antenna glowed all the colours of the rainbow!

>The end!


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