Dosh & Mulch are up for grabs!

  • By Gem
  • Posted 23-02-18

Hey there Weevils,

Gem and Gam have partnered up and they're offering every weevil a chance to win 5 Dosh and 1000 Mulch!

Answer both questions to solve the SECRET CODE! Once you have the completed code head to Bin Weevils Lab's Lab and enter the code into the Mystery Code Machine to collect your reward! Use the code by 23/03/2018!

Remember Mulch & Dosh can be spent on both Bin Weevils and Weevil World. As Gem likes to say, "Good things come to those that like to explore!"

Have a weevily-wow weekend and good luck!

You can play Weevil World on desktop web browsers worldwide or via the Weevil World app for Apple and Android smart devices in the UK!