Complete Your Summer Fair Celeb Duck Collection!

  • By Scribbles
  • Posted 09-08-18

If you've been using your prize tokens to collect the Duck Soaker Celeb Ducks from the Summer Fair Prize Hut, you might have noticed a few Celeb Ducks were unavailable... until now!

Bin Tycoons can hurry over to Nestco to complete their collection - these extra Celeb Ducks are on sale for only 3 Dosh each for a limited time!

Comment below if there are other prizes from Summer Fairs past you would love to add to your nest!

We just might be able to add them to Nestco too!


These extra Celeb Ducks are only available to Bin Tycoon members.

Find out all about Bin Tycoon membership by clicking the button below!

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