• Posted 16/08/2016

Another Chance to Become a Summer Fair Guest Blogger!

Here's another chance to become a Summer Fair Guest Blogger and win yourself some BIN-CREDIBLE PRIZES!
  • Posted 19/07/2016

Summer Fair Guest Blogger Reviews #1!

Our first four Summer Fair Guest Bloggers have been selected! Find out if you won right here!

  • Posted 10/06/2016

Stephanie’s latest blog:  Daisy’s Birthday Party!

Our official LEGO Friends guest blogger, Stephanie, is back to tell you all about her weekend! 
  • Posted 15/02/2016

Creative Writing Competition

To celebrate World Book Day we challenge you to a creative writing competition!
  • Posted 17/07/2015

Littlest Pet Shop Guest Bloggers - joseph4010 & lucmeg33!

Guest Bloggers joseph4010 & lucmeg33 review the very first episode of Littlest Pet Shop!
  • Posted 10/06/2015

Littlest Pet Shop Guest Blogger - mack4267!

Guest Blogger mack4267 reviews the very first episode of Littlest Pet Shop!
  • Posted 24/05/2015

Guest Blogger Storytellers: tlisa36 & Amy372!

Guest Bloggers tlisa36 & Amy372 share their amazing stories!
  • Posted 18/05/2015

Guest Blogger Storytellers - Alfie8272 & olivia4118!

Guest Bloggers Alfie8272 & olivia4118 share their amazing stories!