Best Nest - Issue #400!

  • Posted 29-05-20

A special message from Nest_Inspector

"Four hundred issues! WOW!

I never thought we would reach such a milestone when I started the magazine so long ago...

Every week, Weevils from all over the Binscape still send me photos of their nests and I never get tired of seeing what great rooms you have all been decorating - thank you for being such an incredible community of nest enthusiasts.

I only put the magazine together, you are all the true stars every week!

To celebrate the 400th issue, I have selected some very special nest items as giveaways for this issue, inspired by suggestions from talented nest enthusiasts like Miss_Pretty!

I had so many great nests to feature that I couldn't possibly fit them into one issue, so let's continue our issue 400 celebration with more fantastic nests and giveaways next week too!

Here's to the nest... er, next 100 issues!"


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