Best Nest Issue #263 & Garden of the Week Combo!

  • Posted 04-10-17

Hi Bin Weevils, Nest Inspector & Garden Inspector here with the best nests and best garden of the week!

A big congratulations to famebabe, kiea3811, luke3108, steve7645, MandasMan, lilyena, gemmadog, elvishfahy, dotman2005 and chelskisummer for achieving the BEST NESTS this week! Check out the brand new issue to be inspired! 

We'd also like to congratulate this week's BEST GARDENER, bexcheerleader1. A big well done for your creativity!

As a bonus, we are giving away FREE XP and Mulch! All you have to do is log in, check out Best Nest Magazine at Weevil Post and Garden of The Week inside the Garden Shop and crack the below challenges! 

Please uses both codes by NEXT WEEK 11th October 2017.

As a special reward to celebrate this redesign, Nest Inspector has awarded a Witches Cabinet item to EVERY weevil who commented on Best Nest last week - Happy October!

Bin Tycoon members can submit pictures to the Nest Inspector and Garden Inspector each month for a chance to receive a trophy, or be featured in Best Nest or Garden of the Week! Find out all about Bin Tycoon membership by clicking the button below!

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