• Posted 19/09/2017

Super Scavenger Hunt!

The dinosaurs are upon us! Join us on the scavenger hunt! 

  • Posted 18/09/2017

BREAKING NEWS! Pirate Invasion on Weevil World!

Limited Edition PIRATE outfits are on sale now!
  • Posted 17/09/2017

Scribbles' Birthday Party - You're Invited!

September 22nd is Scribbles' birthday and you're all invited to his birthday bash!
  • Posted 16/09/2017

Hem's Haturdays - September Special!

Hem has selected 9 special hats to go on sale level-free for 10 Dosh this weekend!
  • Posted 15/09/2017

Weevil of the Week - woddy52!

Find out all about the latest lucky Weevil of the Week competition winner!
  • Posted 14/09/2017

Garden of the Week - loopsy4708!

Find out all about the latest Garden of the Week winner! Plus, create a Secret Code to collect 200 XP!
  • Posted 14/09/2017

Best Nest - Issue #260!

Check out some of the BEST NESTS in the Binscape, create a Secret Code to collect 200 XP, AND enter Nest Inspector's BEST NEST BONUS for a surprise!
  • Posted 13/09/2017

Weevil World - New Green Clothes On Sale Now!

Weevil World has updated! Shop for a new green clothes at the Clothes Shop in celebration of Scribbles' upcoming birthday!
  • Posted 12/09/2017

Celebrate Pirate Week on Bin Weevils!

Find out what's happening during our upcoming Pirate Week Celebration!
  • Posted 10/09/2017

Fan Art of the Week - elvishfahy!

Check out this post to see a fantastic piece of weevily artwork created by elvishfahy!